Temperature in the incubator is optimally controlled by an innovative temperature regulation algorithm, maintaining the zone of thermo-neutrality of the newborn.

Temperature control

A phototherapy unit based on low cost and ultra-durable LED technology will be integrated in the incubator for the treatment of neonatal jaundice.

Integrated phototherapy unit

In case of power cuts, a thermal battery releases heat at a constant temperature during four consecutive hours, a time period superior to an average power cut.

Low energy heating device

A contactless measure of the temperature using an infrared thermometer has been evaluated with promising results. This solution is not only robust, but eliminates the risk of infection transmission as well.

Reliable and ultra robust temperature measure

To counter the problem of unstable electrical grids a power supply including ultra-robust transient protection systems against the main types of electrical instabilities will be developed. Alternative, locally available power sources, e.g. car batteries and solar panels will be studied and factored into the final design.

Robust power supply

Use and maintenance by untrained staff and recycling at the end of the cycle must be taken into account. The development of an intuitive and pedagogic user interface, partly relying on pictograms, is a crucial component to assure optimal and secure use of the incubator.

Industrial design and intuitive interface